martes, 26 de junio de 2012


Spontaneous Processes in Dwelling, the Lima Case

Tuesday, 26th June 2012, 19:00.
Peruvian Embassy
52 Sloane Street, London SW1

Precarious, spontaneous housing on the peripheries of Lima demonstrate how the search for beauty occupies a fundamental place in residents' priorities, emerging even before the most basic comforts have been addressed.

Dr. Cristina Dreifuss-Serrano will describe the informal process through which people build their own cities—one house at a time—to meet their needs, and how they strive to make their dwellings beautiful. Dr. Dreifuss-Serrano is a faculty member in the School of Architecture, Urbanism and Arts at the National University of Engineering, the School of Architecture at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and the School of Architecture ar the University of Lima, all in Peru.

Ticket £8.00 members - £10.00 non-members -£5.00 students

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